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Equipping and empowering every child and woman, especially the less privileged in our society.

About our organization

Why we help

After listening to the story of what my husband went through after the death of his father in 1965 and losing his two brothers within a period of two weeks, I was disturbed...

Our history

In 2009, we were moved to open a school called Life International Schools, to help in training these orphans, widows children and the less privileged, believing that education is one of the major form of empowerment we can give these ones, for a better future.

We are PROUDLY affiliated with

Quit Violence International in Brooklyn, New York, is a nonprofit organization that aims to put an end to domestic violence. We conduct various programs to help victims recover from their ordeal. The organization was founded by Eddy who suffered a life-changing experience with his stepson, who shot him for insisting that he return to school. We believe that everyone has the right to feel safe from physical, financial, emotional, verbal, and sexual abuse. Domestic abuse is a crime that should never be tolerated.

Our list of sponsors includes:

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POWER Outreach Inc., USA

A non-profit organization, created to help orphans and widows LLC

A modern, fun and interactive way for sellers and buyers to do business on the internet through a reward system using points.

Pentecostal Life Gospel Mission

World Mission, National Mission, Men, Women, Youth, Children, Ministry to the Widows, Ministry to Orphans, Ministry to the less privileged, Education (Secular and Biblical)

Quit Violence International

a nonprofit organization that aims to put an end to domestic violence